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General Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ask Bobby my question or get her advice?

Bobby would LOVE to help with all of the individual questions she receives from her students. Unfortunately, due to the high number of questions each week, there’s just no way she can get to all of them.
If you have a question about Mastering Business $uccess, we encourage you to check out FAQ here.
If you want 1:1 coaching advice for your business, please sign up and pay for a session with her.
As always, if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

I’ve signed up to receive a freebie and/or cheatsheet download, but I did not receive it.

If you haven’t done so already, try searching for these emails in your spam or junk folder, and if you’re using Gmail, in your social or promotions tab!
Still not there? Please email [email protected] and we will help you out!

How can I move Bobby's emails from the Gmail Promotional tab to appear in my inbox? OR move them from SPAM into my inbox?

We want to make sure that all of our emails are landing in your inbox moving forward, so we have a couple tips and tricks to share.
For Gmail Users: One of the simplest ways to move an email is to left-click and hold on the email and drag it from the promotions tab over to the Primary tab. Releasing the mouse will drop the email into the primary tab. After it is dropped, Gmail will ask if you wish to make the change permanent, then click “yes.”
To make sure Gmail never filters as spam mail from a certain contact or domain:
Click the Show Search Options downward-pointing triangle in your Gmail’s main search field.
Type the desired email address under “From” – We typically send emails from [email protected]
To whitelist an entire domain (all mail from an address ending in “robertapellant.com”, for example), type the just the domain name or the domain name preceded by ‘@’.
You do not have to create a separate filter for each address.
Separate addresses with ‘|’ in the From: field instead.
To whitelist [email protected], enter “[email protected]”, for example.
Follow the Create filter with this search ›› link at the bottom of the search sheet.
Make sure “Never send it to Spam” is checked.
Click Create filter
FOR Other ESP Users:
To whitelist [email protected], check not spam and not junk.
There you go! Lots of options, but it will take just minutes at most!

Mastering Business $uccess Course Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for ANY entrepreneur or business owner looking to make consistent, reliable month over month revenue and make more money in their business! It’s also perfect for anyone looking to level up their business game. This course is not for someone who is making their revenue goals year over year.

What are the prerequisites or recommended prior knowledge for this course?

No prerequisites required! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, this course is tailored to meet you wherever you are, and get you making more money as fast as possible!

How long is the course in terms of duration?

Depending on if you signed up for the DIY course or the VIP program, the course unfolds over 12 comprehensive weeks, one of which is an implementation week, each packed with practical insights and actionable strategies, preparing you for various aspects of building your business foundations. DIY participants will get their content dripped once a week over 12 weeks. VIP participants will get Bobby and her live content delivered once a month on Monday,  Q & As on Wednesdays, and group coaching and hot seats on Thursdays. The VIP program runs the entire year.

How much time per week does it typically take to go through each module?

Each module is packed with 1-1.5 hours of valuable content. You can choose to join us live in the VIP mentorship program or enroll in the prerecorded DIY course, to be viewed at your own convenience. It’s all about fitting your learning into your busy schedule. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and equipped with the tools and insights to conquer your business goals. Get ready to rewrite the story of your entrepreneurial journey and create a legacy that will leave a lasting financial impact!


Is there lifetime access to the course content?

Yes! Once you’re a graduate of the Mastering Business $uccess program, you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials. It’s like having a secret vault of business wisdom at your fingertips whenever you need it.


What are the main objectives of this course and what kind of content does it cover?

This course aims to equip participants with actionable strategies essential for business success, covering key aspects like branding, financials, and marketing. It offers a blend of practical case studies, up-to-date theories, and engaging interactive modules to ensure a comprehensive entrepreneurial education. It takes students through a 9-pillar proven and endorsed framework to help you build your business the right way!

Are there any additional resources or support materials provided alongside the course?

We’ve got you covered! Alongside the course, you’ll find downloadable PDFs and other valuable templates on your membership site. They’ll be your trusty sidekicks as you conquer each module. And who knows, they might even make great scratch paper for your brilliant ideas!


Is there an online community or networking opportunity with other course participants?

Yes! You will be invited to join our exclusive private Mastering Business $uccess Facebook group here, where you’ll connect with like-minded entrepreneurs on the same journey. Bobby will be there, too, hosting LIVE Q&A sessions to answer all your burning business questions. It’s a supportive and vibrant community you won’t want to miss!

How do I access the online course after making a purchase?

Once you’ve made your purchase, get ready to enter into your secure member site! You’ll get your login and password emailed to you and if you are part of the VIP community, your  Zoom links will be included!


Is there a dedicated customer support team to assist with any technical or course-related issues?

Absolutely! We have a rockstar support team ready to assist you with any technical hiccups or questions you might have. Just shoot us an email at [email protected], and we’ll make sure you’re back on track in no time.

Are there flexible payment options available?

To accommodate various needs, flexible payment plans are available, making the course accessible and manageable for everyone.

What technical requirements are necessary to take this course?

Ensure you have a stable internet connection and a device like a laptop or tablet. A basic understanding of tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Office will be beneficial.

Is there a specific schedule to follow if you signed up for the DIY course?

The course was designed to learn and work through each module as they are released, taking the time to go through the workbook materials before you start the next module.

Can I revisit or retake certain parts of the course if needed?

Yes, participants can review and retake any part of the course to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the materials, at anytime.

What is the refund or cancellation policy?

For any reason if you are not satisfied, or feel that you are not being provided with value in the course, no problem! For both DIYers and VIPs, if you do work and show that you have done it, there is a 14-day refund policy that you can find under our terms of service  here.